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What are the 10 Keys of Eating Better To Lose Weight?



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e explain the real keys to lose weight eating better, without great sacrifices and always taking into account our health. Counting calories to lose weight is a deceptive system, since it does not take into account all the factors that influence the loss of weight, health and balance of a person. The best thing is to lose weight eating better. It is very different to eat 100 calories of apple than 100 calories of ice cream, since the apple also has fiber that helps us to eliminate fat. We explain healthy keys to lose weight, without great sacrifices and always taking into account our health.

Chew Food Well

Digestion begins in the mouth, since saliva contains enzymes that initiate the digestive process. The more we chew our food, the better we will assimilate it.

Do not Fill up Too Much

Another key to lose weight eating better is not to overeat. We have to educate our stomach, because it will adapt to the amounts we give him habitually. If we have the habit of eating until we are very full, it will be difficult to change the habit. A trick to not eat more is to take a digestive infusion after the meal.

Do not Mix too Many Foods

Combining many different foods in the same meal, as it usually happens in banquets and celebrations, is one of the most common causes of overweight and also affects our health. Although there will always be exceptions, we will always try to make it possible for a meal to include something vegetable, some carbohydrates and some protein.

Choose Whole Foods

It costs us nothing to always opt for the integral. The palate is also educated, and we may eventually enjoy even more the taste of whole foods, which are not only rich in fiber and more satiating, but also contain more vitamins and minerals.

Do not Take Desserts in the Food

“Another advice to lose weight eating better is to avoid desserts”.

These, within the food, hinder digestion and fatten much more than if we take them, for example, mid-morning or mid-afternoon. Nor is the fruit suitable, for its sugar content, except for the apple and pear, which are two fruits that we can combine in a meal.

To Lose Weight Eating Better, Be Careful with Dinners

The saying goes that we should eat breakfast like kings, eat like princes and dine like poor people. And that’s the way it should be, since the rhythm we carry makes the energy expenditure we need at each moment. Everything we eat at night we usually do not spend it anymore. For this reason, it is advisable to dine lightly and early, preferably before 8 o’clock in the afternoon.

What do We Eat Between Meals?

Many people are hungry often, since their metabolism is surely fast. What can they eat? Fruit, nuts, rice or corn pancakes, natural smoothies, gelatins made with agar agar, vegetable drinks, etc.

Always Have Something Prepared

We suggest always having something prepared in the fridge or carrying something in your bag. This will avoid tempting us with another type of less adequate food. Sure there are foods that we love and are very healthy and light, like certain fruits. So we will try to have them always at hand. We can even prepare fruit salads or nut bars ourselves.

Drink a Lot of Water

The water cleanses our body and fills our stomachs when we feel like eating something but in reality we are not hungry. Many times we are thirsty and our body confuses the signal. That’s why we suggest drinking a glass of water whenever we want to snack on something. If afterwards we are still hungry, we can opt for something healthy, as we mentioned in the previous point.

Eat at Home

The last key to lose weight eating better is to avoid eating out. Whenever we eat at home we will know what we eat. If we are going to eat out or buy pre-cooked food, we may be consuming unhealthy foods with poor quality fats. We can prepare quantities for several days and leave them in the fridge or freezer to keep them. Every time we have to eat out, we will take our food.

If you follow these tips to lose weight eating better, not only can you reach your ideal weight, but you will be much healthier. Remember to combine your healthy diet with regular exercises.


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