10 Tips to Improve Vitamin and Mineral Absorption!

They are essential tips for vitamin and mineral in our diet since they guarantee the correct cellular functioning and a normal and healthy growth and development… But attention, they are very delicate.

10 Essential Tips to Improve the Absorption of Vitamins (Also Some Minerals) and Prevent Them from Being Altered or Deactivated.

  • The sun is the main source of vitamin D production in our body. Try to receive, at least 3 days a week, about 15 minutes of sun.
  • Tobacco: Enemy number one of our health. It causes a malabsorption in our body of vitamin D, C, E and calcium and iron.
  • Beware of air and vitamin C, naturally present in citrus fruits. And it is that oxygen is able to oxidize easily in a short period of time. Therefore, when you go to squeeze an orange juice for example, try to drink it instantly.This will prevent the loss of vitamin C.
  • Be very careful also with the vitamin E present in nuts. In the same way as vitamin C, E is inactivated in the presence of oxygen by a process similar to the case with vitamin C. The nuts, which hold large amounts of vitamin E, buy them in the shell and peel them just before eating.
  • Alcohol: A huge destabilizer of people’s vitamin status. Among others, alcohol generates deficits in vitamin B1, vitamin A, vitamin D and vitamin B6. Consume alcohol very cautiously.
  • Attention with light and vitamin E!And, this vitamin is enormously photosensitive and the presence of light makes it useless. Vitamin E, present in oils for example, is a huge antioxidant. Remember to use an opaque oilcan and store the bottles in dark places. This will ensure that you do not lose its interesting effects against cell aging.
  • Coffee and Tea: Excessive consumption of both hinders the absorption of vitamin A and B9 (also known as folic acid). It also impairs the absorption ofiron and calcium. Therefore, you should not mix coffee with contributions of iron, calcium, folic acid or vitamin A if you were drinking or had any deficit of any of them.
  • Be very careful with high temperatures. In general, almost all vitamins are sensitive to high variations in temperatures. Therefore, it is advisable to use cooking methods that are not too long. For example, steaming vegetables would be a good method.
  • Some medications interfere with the absorption of vitamins. As an example we have antibiotics, which are related to interference in group B of vitamins.When you go to take a medication, consult the  leaflet and  if in doubt consult your pharmacist,  doctor or nurse.
  • Remember the following rule:  If there is color there are vitamins.The skin of the fruitsis very rich in them, consume it whenever possible and do not discard it.

Finally, more than an advice, an essential reminder:  The best way to obtain those minerals and vitamins that your body requires is from a varied and rich diet, composed of foods of all kinds. Food supplements should always be provided by your healthcare professional. And is that, excess vitamins cause damage in the same way as their deficit.


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