15 Benefits of Drinking Malunggay Leaf Tea for Health!

Malunggay or Moringa oleifera is a drought-resistant tree originated in northwestern India, Pakistan and Nepal. The tree, also commonly known as horseradish, moringa, ben oil tree and rod tree, is widely grown in tropical and subtropical areas. The leaves of this plant that loves heat and sun are usually consumed as appreciable. Throughout history, people have referred to culinary and medicinal applications of the benefits of drinking Malunggay leaf tea.

In the east and in some African countries, malunggay tea has been consumed to solve a number of health problems. The powerful health benefits are mainly attributed to its high nutrient content, which include vitamin C, A, E, B6, dietary fiber, calcium, potassium, protein, thiamine, iron, phosphorus, lipoprotein, riboflavin and beta-carotene. The plant also contains organic chemical components of oils and healthy enzymes. This composition makes the plant a powerful herbal solution to treat a lot of ailments, especially when it is drunk as tea.

Benefits of Drinking Malunggay Leaf Tea:

1. Reduce Blood Sugar Level:

One of the most powerful benefits of drinking malunggay leaf tea is the effectiveness in treating diabetes. This is achieved by normalizing the level of glucose and lipids while simultaneously regulating oxidative stress in people with diabetes. An investigation demonstrated the ability of the leaves to help the treatment of diabetes by increasing the magnitude of IGT (glucose intolerance) from 4.1% to 8.1%, almost double the original number. Research participants were instructed to drink malunggay tea after breakfast. Tea was made by preparing a cup of water with a tablespoon of malunggay leaves for five minutes. Blood sugar measurement was taken after breakfast, before tea. Two hours after tea, a blood sugar measurement was performed again. As expected, the blood sugar level decreased significantly. This is proof that like what people in the East have long believed, malunggay leaves tea is a powerful herbal medicine that has a strong positive influence on lowering blood sugar.

2. Fight Malnutrition:

Malunggay leaves contain a large amount of nutrients and are common to extract and use as a nutritional supplement. Traditionally in developing nations, the leaves are generally taken by nursing mothers with difficulties accessing non-prescription nursing supplements.

“Preparing the leaves as tea is one of the best ways to take advantage of nutrients”.

Tea will feed mothers and, in turn, provide babies with the important nutrients they need. It is not without reason that people choose malunggay leaves as the powerful food to combat malnutrition. The green leaves of the plant contain twice the protein in milk and three times the amount of potassium in bananas in similar amounts. In addition, the leaves are also rich in vitamins and calcium. A serving of malunggay leaves has seven times more vitamin C than oranges. The high calcium content adds to the perfection of the leaves to be the tea of ​​choice for nursing mothers.

3.  Fights Infection, Bacteria and Fungi:

Malunggay leaves contain many vitamins, minerals and other important nutrients that the body needs. A specific component in malunggay leaves called isothiocyanate compounds has been discovered by scientists. It is reported that these compounds exhibit anticancer and antibacterial properties. Another substance called pterygospermin that shows antimicrobial characteristics has also been discovered in the leaves. The first discovery of the antibacterial and ani-fungal components in Malunggay leaves took place in the late 1940s, making plantations an effective herbal remedy known for some diseases for some time. The herbal alternative is especially interesting for those who do not wish to consume chemically processed antibiotics due to possible long-term effects. Malunggay leaves contain ptetygospermin, which is also present in some other species of the Moringa genus.

Because of the compounds, many people use the leaves to treat wounds. Applying fresh malunggay leaves or malunggay leaf extract topically on a wound will prevent infection and maintain wound hygiene. The leaves will also speed up the healing process. Alternatively, boiling the leaves with water and washing the wounds with tea can also help prevent infections and speed healing.

4. Fight Against Cancer:

Cancer is one of the most dangerous diseases that causes a large number of deaths every year worldwide. While there are currently several methods to treat cancer, the best remedy is yet to be discovered. One thing we know for sure is that prevention is always better than a cure. The most effective way to fight cancer is to prevent cancer cells from growing in the body. Antioxidants are natural substances in fruits and vegetables that are essential for cancer prevention. Malunggay leaves have many of them, so vegetables are one of the most effective vegetables to prevent cancer. There are multiple antioxidants that we can find in the benefits of drinking tea from malunggay leaves, including flavonoids, beta-carotene, quercetin, chlorogenic acid and vitamin C. These antioxidants are very useful for preventing the growth of cancer cells. In addition, the amazing plant also has several compounds that can be categorized as hypotensive and anticancer substances, such as benzyl isothiocyanate, which can inhibit and eradicate cancer cells in the body. Traditionally, it is known that the leaves are a curable natural skin tumor, prostate cancer, skin cancer and breast cancer.

5. Fight Inflammation:

For a long time, people have used malunggay leaves to treat arthritis, rheumatism and different types of joint pain. This is because the leaves have some anti-inflammatory properties. The substances in the leaves, including benzyl isothiocyanate and benzylisothiocyanate, are useful for decreasing the production of inflammatory markers in gene expression. Drinking malunggay tea not only helps with acute inflammation, such as bruising, cut wounds or swollen parts of the body. It also helps protect the body against chronic inflammation that can lead to chronic diseases such as respiratory problems, cardiovascular diseases, obesity and arthritis.

6. It is Good for Reproductive Health:

It probably sounds strange that there are leaves that can be very useful for sexual and reproductive health, but malunggay leaves do have this beneficial function. The leaves contain aphrodisiac properties that can improve libido and stimulate sexual desire. If you or your partner have problems with a lack of libido, this is the perfect tea for a happier sex life. In addition to being a stimulant, people have also been consuming vegetables to improve their performances in bed. Malunggay leaves are not only beneficial for sexual purposes, but also for reproductive health. Consuming the leaves regularly over a prolonged period of time is a good way to increase sperm count and thus improve male fertility. Couples trying to have babies should include the benefits of drinking tea from malunggay leaves as part of their routines.

7. Improves Milk Production:

Since malunggay leaves also have an aphrodisiac nature to stimulate sexual expressions, it also helps milk production in nursing mothers. Because of this, it is recommended to consume tea from young leaves of malunggay so that mothers increase the flow of milk and prevent babies from being malnourished.

8. Boosts the Immune System:

It is widely recognized that malunggay tea leaves have the ability to strengthen the human immune system. This is because the leaves are rich in many important nutrients, including vitamin C and other antioxidants. The antibacterial nature of the leaves also means that it is a good preventive herbal treatment to fight contagious diseases. It is even believed that drinking malunggay tea leaves can boost our body’s immune system ten times better than the effects of common supplements that are available in the market.

9.  Strengthens the Eye Muscles:

Malunggay leaves are also commonly found as an herbal remedy for eye problems. Weakness of the eyes, due to lack of micronutrients, can be treated by drinking malunggay juice or tea regularly. The content of vitamins and minerals will give our eyes what they need to function properly. Meanwhile, the leaves are also rich in vitamin E that can help strengthen weakened muscles, including the muscles that operate our eyes.

10. Promotes Good Night’s Sleep:

Sleep problems occur due to a number of reasons, which include anxiety and stress. Malunggay leaves can help us relax. Boiling the leaves with water and drinking them as tea will raise our mood and avoid nervousness and anxiety. The calming effect will lead us to a good night’s sleep. The antispasmodic properties will also eliminate anxiety problems during sleep time. People who access the benefits of drinking malunggay leaf tea before bedtime even report a clearer and fresher brain in the morning.

11. Treat the Common Cold:

In addition to keeping our body healthy by increasing our immune system and serving as an antibacterial and antifungal element, malunggay tea can also help with common diseases such as cold and fever. Both roots and leaves have this function. This is because malunggay leaves have a higher amount of vitamin C compared to other fruits and vegetables, so it speeds healing and increases our body’s natural protection against disease.

12. Heal the Headache:

Malunggay leaf tea is also known to relieve moderate to severe headache. A headache happens for many reasons. Stress and anxiety can be some of the triggers. The relaxing nature of malunggay leaves naturally soothes the aching head. In addition, it also has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties to combat the headache that presents as a common symptom of the flu.

13. Stimulates Metabolism:

If you are trying to lose a few pounds and get fit, malunggay leaves tea should be a regular drink after meals. Tea is not only good for drinking because of its nutrient richness, but also because it can help speed up your metabolism. The key to a successful diet is a healthy metabolism. Consuming malunggay leaves tea as part of your diet regularly and will quickly burn your fat. In addition, non-sugary malunggay leaf tea contains a very low amount of fat and calories, so it is safe for you to consume the plants to feel satisfied. And since the leaves have a high fiber content, their hunger will be suppressed for longer. When you combine healthy drink with regular exercise, your goal of losing some weight will pass in a short time.

14. AIDS Digestion:

In addition to helping you with your weight loss program by accelerating your metabolism, the benefits of drinking tea from malunggay leaves also help you digest food better. Malunggay leaves contain a large amount of dietary fiber, so it helps your digestion and helps you be more regular with your bowel movements, which makes it one of the best herbal remedies for people who constantly suffer from constipation. . In addition, consuming malunggay tea leaves is also good for the digestive tract and stomach. It helps relieve some other digestive problems such as hyperacidity and stomach ulcers.

15.  Protect the Liver:

The liver is an important body organ that is responsible for a number of vital functions, such as nutrient processing, fructose metabolism, bile production and blood detoxification. You can only perform the functions properly when working with liver enzymes. Drinking tea from malunggay leaves can help restore liver enzymes to their normal levels. It also increases the protein content in the liver, reduces oxidative stress and minimizes damage due to the high concentration of polyphenols it contains.