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19 Foods that Will Help You to Reduce Excess Body Weight!

When people think of eating, they usually think that they will gain calories. But what if you could burn fat or lose excess body weight while chewing? It is possible to prepare meals that serve as foods that burn fat to lose weight. Some of these foods work by increasing resting energy expenditure (GER) or the amount of energy the body uses during rest. Other foods do so by increasing thermogenesis, or the body’s heat production, a process that uses energy. Your GER along with the energy you spend during the exercise add up to give your total energy expenditure (GTE), the total number of calories you burn in a day. This large list of foods will help you increase your GER and, therefore, your GTE. With a higher GTE, you will lose more kilos! Start by adding these 19 healthy foods that burn fat to your shopping list. Pure Greens
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1. Tomato Juice:

Juice tomato is packed with a vegetable chemical called esculeósido A. It has the power to increase energy metabolism, helping you burn calories at rest. Esculeósido A can even prevent cholesterol from accumulating. You will also receive a healthy dose of vitamin A. This juice tastes better when it’s cold. If you don’t like the taste, mix it with vegetables like cucumber or carrots. Other tomato products can also serve as fat burners.

2. Whole Grains:

When you eat whole grains, the body needs to work harder to digest them. This will increase the amount of energy burned, unlike the simpler refined white grains. As a result, the GER will increase and help the body achieve a favorable energy balance. Whole grains such as oatmeal and brown rice are natural foods that burn fat. Oatmeal contains soluble fiber, which not only controls your appetite but also regulates your blood sugar levels. A fluctuating level of blood sugar could make you feel hungry even when your body doesn’t really want food. 

“If you have a high sugar level, include oatmeal in your diet to lose weight and avoid white bread, pasta and rice whenever possible”.

When buying oatmeal, be careful. Most oatmeal brands contain high amounts of sugar but a low level of fiber. Always check the ingredient list and look for the unsweetened variety.

3. Almonds and Peanuts:

Almonds are full of healthy monounsaturated fatty acids called oleic acid or omega-9. Stimulates the mitochondria – the energizing cells of the “battery” – which then increase the GER. It has even been shown that Omega-9 stimulates physical activity because it contributes to healthier brain function. In addition, this healthy fat is related to good mood. Peanuts contain healthy fats and essential nutrients such as fiber, folate, magnesium and vitamin E – something that is not otherwise present in regular low-carb foods. Studies suggest that including a moderate amount of peanuts (yes, even peanut butter!) In your diet is another effective way to burn fat in a healthy way. Add almonds and peanuts to your cereals. It can even be made simpler, eat a snack of these superfoods.

4. Sunflower Oil and Coconut Oil:

Sunflower oil also has high levels of omega-9. Like almonds, it helps mitochondrial function, thus consuming more calories from the body, increasing GER and melting fat. The coconut oil balances hormones, which leads to a better functioning of the body and burning fat. Unrefined coconut oil contains only 6.5 calories per gram, compared to other fats that contain more than 9 calories per gram. Coconut oil is a healthy fat that when consumed in moderate amounts can help control weight. If your metabolism is low, including coconut oil in your diet is a good way to increase it. A high metabolism burns more fat and makes you lose more weight. To convert foods into foods that burn fat, add a few drops of sunflower oil or coconut oil. It works very well in salads, pasta and rice. You can even prepare a simple dressing by mixing sunflower oil with vinegar and honey.

5. Lean Chicken:

Lean chicken is a source of healthy protein, one of the main macronutrients. And compared to carbohydrates and fats, proteins are highly thermogenic. This means that it produces heat by stimulating the metabolism, which burns fat. Thermogenesis is the result that the body produces more proteins since it has no way of storing them. Add lean chicken without skin to your list.

6. Eggs:

Eggs have all the essential amino acids, which makes them a complete protein. Eggs can increase thermogenesis as with lean chicken. They will also increase satiety, preventing you from overeating later. As fat-reducing foods, eggs are a great way to start the day.

7. Legumes:

When you burn fat, legumes such as chickpeas have a full function. Its high protein content increases thermogenesis, while its fiber stimulates fat oxidation. Legumes have also been associated with increased mitochondrial function, another factor in a higher GER.

8. Dairy Products:

Frequently, low-calorie diets do not meet the body’s calcium requirements. If you are following a low-calorie diet, low-fat dairy products are the best option, since they are high in calcium and low in carbohydrates. In a study that examined the effects of dairy on overweight participants, moderate consumption of dairy increased the rate at which the body burned fat. A high level of calcium in the diet is also related to weight loss in women. However, dairy products have weight-reducing properties only when used in the short term.

9. Berries:

Berries are not only delicious, but also burn unwanted body fat. While the natural sugar in the fructose of the berries satisfies your cravings for sugar, the fiber of the berries fill it and reduces your appetite for fast food. Berries contain antioxidants, which reduce belly fat and reduce cholesterol. They also activate leptin, the hormone that suppresses hunger and prevents overeating. Strawberries, blueberries and blackberries are some of the berries that will help in the quick and easy burning of unwanted fat. According to studies, blueberries, in particular, can significantly reduce abdominal fat and promote weight loss. Make yourself a berry smoothie or eat frozen berries for dessert.

10. Fish and Fish Oil:

The poison cuts the poison, and the fat cuts the fat. So fatty fish could be “the food that burns fat,” especially for men. Fatty fish contains omega-3 fatty acids that stimulate the secretion of leptin, the hormone that kills hunger. These omega-3 fatty acids move inside the body’s cells and act as fuel to burn body fat. Fish oil omega-3s also store excess glucose in the body as glycogen, instead of fat. It is also known to reduce inflammation, which could contribute to weight gain.

11. Green Tea:

Switching from coffee to green tea might be worth it, thanks to the appetite suppressant properties of green tea. Not only does it prevent the body from absorbing many calories, it also provides healthy micronutrients such as polyphenols and flavonoids. Green tea also has proven effects on weight control of obese individuals by increasing their metabolism rate and inhibiting the effects of insulin. Another way by which green tea helps with weight loss is by promoting thermogenesis. This is the reason why most weight loss control programs incorporate green tea in their recommended diets.

12. Green Vegetables:

Here is another reason to include those green vegetables in your diet: they help reduce weight! Green vegetables fill it and provide your body with essential nutrients, such as fiber, vitamin C, folate and manganese. The best way to consume green vegetables if you want to burn unnecessary fat is to incorporate them into a smoothie. Chlorophyll, in its liquid form, suppresses hunger, which in turn burns insane fat. Liquid chlorophyll also improves the functioning of the digestive system and maintains a healthy metabolism. Spinach, cabbage and parsley are some of the green vegetables that help you lose fat and weight. You can also opt for liquid chlorophyll drinks.

13. Tamarind:

Tamarind is widely used as a condiment in Eastern countries. This sour fruit is not only delicious, it also helps to burn fat and promote weight loss. Tamarind eliminates unnecessary body fat by inhibiting the production of fat cells. It prevents carbohydrates from being stored as fat in the body, making sure you don’t gain weight. Tamarind also increases the body’s metabolic function and promotes the growth of lean muscles. Tamarind rice and tamarind-based curry are a delicious way to lose those extra pounds, a situation in which everyone wins.

14. Turmeric:

The turmeric is widely known for its cleansing properties and anti – inflammatory skin. But it can also be used in your diet to burn fat and lose weight. Turmeric lowers high blood cholesterol levels, fights obesity and helps you maintain your weight. It also stimulates the mitochondria present in the body’s cells to break down more fat and reduces the formation of fatty tissues. Add a pinch of turmeric to your favorite food and turn it into a dish to burn fat.

15. Avocados:

That’s right, avocados could help you lose those extra pounds! A mistake that most of us make in an attempt to lose weight is to completely avoid fats. Contrary to popular belief, not all fats are unhealthy. Fats are part of a well-balanced diet and are required by the body. However, because fats contain high amounts of calories, you should consume them in moderation. Avocados are rich in fiber and monounsaturated fats and are an ideal snack to keep you full and healthy. Prepare avocado toast and opt for avocado salad dressing to get the healthy fat your body needs.

16. Dark Chocolate:

It’s time to eat your favorite black chocolate blameless! The cocoa beans contained in black chocolates can significantly increase your metabolism. A polyphenol called resveratrol (also present in red wine!) Can transform white fat into beige or brown fat that burns calories. The other polyphenols in dark chocolates also help the body easily absorb chocolate glucose and burn fat in the process. Always look for black chocolates that contain more than 70 percent cocoa.

17. Apple Cider Vinegar:

The vinegar apple cider containing acetic acid, which regulates the rate at which the sugar from food is absorbed by the intestine. This keeps you full for longer, controls your appetite and reduces spikes in insulin and sugar levels. Apple cider vinegar also reduces fat production, helping you lose weight. In addition, acetic acid from apple cider vinegar suppresses the genes responsible for the production of fatty acids in the liver. It also activates the AMPK enzyme in the liver, which increases fat burning and reduces fat synthesis. In one study, taking only one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar a day helped participants reduce 1.2 kg on average. Those who had 2 tablespoons lost 1.9 kg on average. so approximately 1 or 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in your daily diet to get rid of unhealthy body fat. However, remember not to overdo it because too much apple cider vinegar can do more harm than good.

18. Cold Sweet Potatoes:

No, potatoes are not the enemy of a diet that burns fat, at least not sweet potatoes. A cold sweet potato dish is the most filling snack! When the sweet potato cools, the cooling process crystallizes the tubers into resistant starch. This starch takes a considerable amount of time to decompose, keeping it full for longer and reducing hunger cramps. The breakdown of starch also releases butyrate, which burns fat and maintains weight. Sweet potatoes also contain CSR that stimulate hormones to suppress appetite and burn fat.

19. Plums:

Now, what happens if you are overweight despite a healthy diet? You could blame the genes that promote the storage of fat in the body. Plums contain flavonoids called anthocyanins that reduce the activity of these fat-storing genes. This limits the amount of fat stored in the body and helps control weight.

Don’t Forget to Exercise:

Even after eating a food that can burn fat, don’t forget to exercise. Physical activity is essential to lose more calories than you eat. Think of your diet as a whole and include foods on this list as much as possible. That said, before including these foods in your diet, make sure you are not allergic or sensitive to any of them. If you have medical conditions such as diabetes or irritable bowel syndrome, consult your doctor and make sure that these foods are safe for you to consume. It is also important to eat food in moderation. If you overeat foods that burn fat (such as nuts), you could gain what you are trying to lose – fat!


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