5 Simple Breakfast Ideas that Helps Diabetics Patient!

There is no doubt that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, regardless of your age or if you have any particular illness. In the following article you will know especially the best breakfasts for diabetics. Because if your problem is blood sugar, you should keep in mind that you will not be able to consume certain foods, but do not worry because there are many healthy options for you.

Since your body is not eating food for several hours at night, you need to eat in the morning to offer enough energy that the body needs. In addition, the medications you consume may be active after all night, so you may feel somewhat dizzy if you do not eat anything.

Breakfasts for Diabetics:

There are hundreds of breakfast options for diabetics that you can choose, but you should not forget that to have enough energy and not unbalance glucose, it is best to make a combination of cereal high in fiber, fruits and proteins.

  • A good idea to consume dairy, cereals and fruits if you do not have the habit, are the milkshakes with various ingredients (pay attention that all are suitable). Prepare a smoothie with peach, skim milk and a tablespoon of oatmeal. You can start the day with much more energy and vitality, and it is an excellent breakfast for a diabetic.
  • The high fiber cereals, such as oats, accompanied by fruit or skim milk (nonfat yogurt also) will provide protein, calcium and potassium, that is, almost everything you need in the morning and face the day. A good example is a cup of skim milk with ¼ cup of oatmeal and fresh fruits (an apple or a pear).
  • The fruits are a food that should not be missing at breakfast. The recommended ones are blueberries, berries and strawberries. You can accompany them with yogurt (better if Greek) with a handful of almonds if you don’t like to eat them alone or make fruit salad. You will increase the amount of protein and feel more satisfied until noon or at least mid-morning.
  • The eggs are also an interesting option to be more awake since the morning. It has to be boiled (less than 100 calories). Cut it into slices and accompany it with a slice of whole wheat bread with very little butter. If you dare to eat a little more at breakfast, prepare some scrambled eggs with half a cup of vegetables and mushrooms.
  • The cheeses are a great source of calcium and protein. For your condition, cottage cheese or cottage is advised. To make your breakfasts even more delicious, you are allowed some rolls, provided they are made of whole grain cereal and no more than two slices, with dietary jam or skim cheese.

Well, these diabetic breakfasts assure you that you will start the day full of energy and without problems. And you’ll be interested to know that if you apply an adequate nutritional plan, you can keep your disease under control. That’s right, today there is a 100% natural method to fight diabetes, called DIABETES FREE by Andrés Di Angelo. This system will show you step by step how to combine the most powerful foods against diabetes, with home remedies and changes in your lifestyle, and thus you will definitely normalize your sugar levels. The results of this method are so amazing that they have revolutionized the field of medicine, and hundreds of people today are ex-diabetics thanks to it. Make the most of the power of healthy diabetic breakfasts and forget your illness forever!


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