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What are the 7 Bad Habits that makes you to Lose Weight?

When you feel anxious about eating, you can satisfy it with a piece of fruit, water or yogurt. Thinning is a chal

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lenge that involves many habits, a lot of discipline and willpower. Although a balanced diet and some foods favor weight loss, it is very important to take into account other aspects that greatly influence this process and that complement the diet to give the expected results. If you are the one who spends all your time in the gym and maintains a healthy diet but cannot get the weight you want, you are surely making some mistake in your process to lose weight and for this reason your balance does not tell you what So much you want to get. Here we present the 7 worst habits you can have while you are losing weight; if you identify any of them, it is possible that this is where you are failing and you’d better start to correct it.

Little Water

Water plays a very important role in our body because in addition to staying hydrated, it favors some functions such as the regulation of metabolism, the elimination of toxins and waste that the body does not need.

“When we do not include a good amount of water in the diet, the body will be less efficient at burning calories and will not favor the elimination of fat to lose weight”.

It is recommended to include at least 2 liters of water per day in the diet.

Do not Have Breakfast

It is good that many diets recommend eating certain fasting foods to activate the metabolism and promote the process of weight loss. However there are those who make the mistake of skipping breakfast just because they have consumed another type of previous food in order to lose weight. It is very important to eat breakfast since this meal favors the metabolism, gives energy and helps you to start the day in the best way.

Reduce the Number of Meals

When the number of meals is reduced per day, a serious error is made when losing weight. Making only two or three meals a day strictly slows down the metabolism and as a result you will not have good results. Ideally, divide the meals into small portions 4 to 6 times a day. Obviously the food should be healthy, avoiding sugars, excess salt and foods rich in bad fats.

Limit with the Exercises

You are more than clear that to obtain good results when losing weight it is very important to combine the diet with a good routine of exercises that favor the functioning of the metabolism and the elimination of waste. There are those who for more exercise they do not manage to lose weight or do it in an inadequate way. The mistake is to limit you with the exercises and do only aerobics, such as running, walking, cycling, among others. To obtain results it is important to combine aerobic exercises with bodybuilding exercises.

Eat Fast

When you do not take the time necessary to chew food well, you will feel less full feeling and as a consequence you will want to eat more and more. This bad habit prevents your body from digesting food well and as a result it will be more difficult to lose weight. Likewise it is not recommended to eat in front of the television, using any technological device, having bad posture or any type of distraction.

Do not Rest Well

Those people who do not manage to rest well tend to suffer from more anxiety and as a result they gain weight more easily. In sleepless nights the production of appetite-regulating hormones is often altered and you will want to eat more. It is important to have a break of at least 8 hours straight and without interruptions.


Stressful situations are among the worst enemies in the process of wanting to lose weight. This type of situations usually generates anxiety and as a consequence you will want to eat more than normal and it will be almost impossible to have a healthy diet. Studies have shown that high levels of stress increase the production of cortisol, which causes the body to store fats instead of eliminating them.  It is very important to learn to control both the stress and the anxiety that it can produce. If for some reason it is inevitable to avoid such a situation, the option is to calm the anxiety with a healthy food such as a bottle of water, some fruit or a yogurt.

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