7 Trick with Tea Bags that Supports your Health!

Whether it’s a cold afternoon or a pleasant morning, a cup of tea works great for everyone. Well, thanks to the tea bags, this delicious and refreshing drink can also be consumed in office spaces. What do most of you do after preparing your own cup with the help of a teabag? Discard the soaked tea bag! But maybe I shouldn’t do it anymore. Oddly enough, old tea bags can be used in multiple ways to help you with your health . Here are 11 amazing benefits of tea bags that you need to know.

1. Treat Sunburn:

Don’t worry if instead of tanning on the beach, your back burned. A tea bag can be highly effective in getting rid of itching as well as scaly skin.

“The acid present in black tea has soothing properties, which help to get rid of excess heat due to sunburn”.

So, next time bring some tea bags along with your sunscreen when you go to the beach.

2. Revitalizes Swollen and Tired Eyes:

We all have those nights when we are too absorbed in completing that fashion series, and the result is swollen eyes the next day. The tannins present in black tea can energize your eyes, and also help remove that extra luggage under your eyes. Store some used tea bags in an airtight jar and refrigerate. Take your instant “eye care” every time you have one of those lazy mornings.

3. Help with Minor Burns:

Black tea is full of tannins that can relieve inflammations caused by extremely high temperatures. It will help reduce inflammation, relieve pain and also prevent your skin from flaking. Treat the burn immediately by placing 2 to 3 moist and refrigerated tea bags as gauze for the burn. This can be very useful especially when you have children at home.

4. Help Get Rid of Dandruff:

Dandruff is a stubborn problem that almost all of us face at some point. If you have tired of spending money on expensive products, here is a simple solution – rinse your hair with tea. Soak your favorite tea for an hour before rinsing it. A daily scalp massage with tea not only eliminates dandruff but also gives shine to your hair.

5. Remove Warts:

Get rid of warts by placing a green tea bag in the affected area. You can secure it by wrapping a bandage on top of the tea bag. The antioxidants present in green tea prevent warts from growing. Replace the old tea bag with a new one every 15 minutes. To increase the effects, you can even drink 2-3 cups of green tea every day to minimize the effects of human papillomavirus or HPV on your skin.

6. Cool your Stinky Shoes:

Stinky shoes are a matter of deep shame, especially when you are far from the comfort of your own home. It no longer has to be a problem. You can easily deodorize your stinky shoes by placing a tea bag in each shoe, which will absorb all the moisture and bad smell and make your shoes smell as fresh as new once again.

7. Eliminates the Smell of the Hands:

Those who are used to peel shallots or chop onions are too familiar with the difficult feat of releasing the stench’s fingers. Rub your fingers with a damp tea bag along with the hand wash to neutralize the stench. You can even try soaking your hands in a warm solution of water and tea to eliminate the persistent smell.

8. Avoid Sore Gums:

Spoiler alert – it will end up looking funny with tea bags in your mouth! But who cares as long as I can relieve the pain. Refrigerate 2-3 tea bags and place them inside your mouth, in the affected area to instantly relieve sore gums. They can also be used to reduce oral inflammations and treat canker sores.