8 Benefits of Facial that helps to Take Care of Skin Health!

Facial can bring many benefits for your skin may be the best solution for skin treatment and prevention of aging. It may be the facial cleansing treatment is a process to clean the dirt that lodged in the skin of the pores, and to remove dead skin cells from the facial area. Facial cleansing is necessary to remove impurities such as blackheads from the facial skin that cannot be removed with a scrub. Facial treatment begins with a consultation. It is a must. You can fill out a form that contains a list of questions about your skin condition, your diet, the amount of water you drink, the medications and supplements you are taking, and the products you are currently using. This can affect your skin and the type of treatment recommended. When you put on a professional facial, you will generally go through the following stages:

  • Skin phase analysis
  • Cleaning phase
  • Steam phase
  • Scrub / Peel Phase
  • Extraction Phase
  • Facial Massage Phase
  • Mask Award Phase
  • Final phase

8 Benefits of Facials for the Health of Your Skin:

Now, we will describe the Facial Benefits based on each stage step by step.

1. Analysis of the Skin Phase:

First benefits of the facial that you will get from the analysis of the skin phase. For those who are doing facial for the first time, the first phase that their therapist does is the analysis of their skin. This stage aims to determine the basic type of skin (dry, oily, combined, sensitive or normal) and skin conditions (acne, blackheads, whiteheads, aging, spots, dehydration). Then you can select the appropriate products and treatments, and consult with you about what you saw and recommended. The benefits of this phase is to:

Know the type of skin. Before performing a facial treatment, your skin will definitely be investigated beforehand. Does it include dry, normal or oily skin? After knowing your skin type, a therapist will explain the problems your skin often experiences. Subsequently, therapists perform facial treatments. Cosmetics that are used for facials also adapt to the circumstances and type of your skin. Therefore, you do not need to fear if the facial will ruin your face. Knowing your skin type, it will be much easier when you buy cosmetics. In addition, you can also find out the type of food that is suitable for your skin.

Determine the type of treatment. When you already know your skin type, you will be recommended the type of treatment based on the condition of your skin and also the options that you can live. You can also use this information to perform maintenance outside the facial.

2. Cleaning Phase:

After the skin analysis stage, you will do the cleaning stages. After wrapping the hair with a towel or headband, a deep cleansing of the face will be done, using cleansing milk, soap and tonic according to the type of skin. This is useful for:

Clean the skin: The outside air where we do our daily activities is full of contaminants that have contaminated our skin. Regular facials will help our skin stay clean and healthy.

Facial refreshing: Facial will cause a freshness effect on the face due to the loss of dirt stuck to make the face look fresher and not dull.

Moisturize the skin: The materials used for facials at the same time can be a natural skin moisturizer.

They provide nutrition to the skin: The materials used for facials also nourish the skin naturally.

Calms the facial skin: Massaging the face in addition to providing a fresh effect can also calm the nerves of the face.

Blood circulation on the face: In addition to cleaning, massage it. This massage serves to accelerate the circulation of your blood flow and to relax you sick and tired due to daily activities. Massage is also used to soften the flow of lymph nodes. In addition, there are other benefits that tighten the facial muscles and make them look younger.

“The aroma of aromatherapy also makes you feel more relaxed. Thus, the stress load that accumulates can be lost”.

Tighten the skin: The loose skin of the face will have the impression of being old. By massaging the skin when the facial, the skin becomes firmer and looks younger.

Clarify skin color: Skin cleansing and loss of skin cells die after facial surgery will cause bright effects on the skin, especially if performed regularly.

Make the skin elastic: The skin becomes loose or stretched when experiencing stress. Performing massages on a regular basis when facial treatments are performed can restore and maintain skin elasticity. It is like the benefits of detoxification to restore skin elasticity. The facial skin becomes younger. Obviously, if it is facial to make the skin look younger, because the facial massage will put pressure on the nerves that make the skin wrinkle.

3. Steam Phase:

Most facials use steam engines that emit heat and thinness on the face. This point is made so that the pores open more so that they can be treated easily, also so that you feel relaxed and helps soften the black and white spots that are going to be extracted. If you have very sensitive skin, the therapist will not use steam. This phase is useful for:

Widening the pores: The main purpose of use in facial steam is to dilate the pores, so that the dirt that clogs the pores can be removed.

Give oxygen to the skin: Skin that lack of oxygen would make it opaque. The facial massage will carry oxygen in the blood vessels. In this way, the skin will get a smooth supply of oxygen.

It makes you relax: The provision is also a means of steam so you can relax during facial treatment. Your hot skin will be easier to do the next stage.

4. Scrub / Peel Phase:

The purpose of cleansing is to eliminate dead skin cells that are ready to peel in a layer of the epidermis, help eliminate blackheads, acne scars that dilute dry ones and stimulate the growth of new skin cells. Scrubbing (peeling / peeling) is done by selecting the quality of the scrubbing material. This phase is useful for:

Remove blackheads: Performing massages during facials will help eliminate comedies that lodge in the skin. Making facials regularly, and you can imagine that our faces will be free of black spot spots. In addition to the benefits of lemon juice can also be used for blackheads facials.

Prevent acne: Most pimples arise because our face is dirty, regardless of the hormonal factors that influence it. Facial regularly to clean the face is the culprit of the appearance of acne, so that the face will prevent ornate acne. In addition, the benefits of consuming fruits can nourish the skin.

Remove dead skin cells: Dead skin cells on the face will cause an opaque effect on the face. By doing facial they clean and remove dead skin cells and, at the same time, get rid of the opacity of the skin.

Eliminates acne: The massage performed during facial treatments will help eliminate acne that adorns the skin.

Prevent oily skin: The oils that accumulate in the skin are also lost and removed while facial treatments are performed. Then do facial treatments regularly to prevent oily skin. In addition to caring for facial skin with the benefits of lemon, it will prevent oily skin.

Decrease pores: The fresh effect obtained from the materials used for facials will shrink the pores of the face.

Remove dull skin: Cleaning the dirt on the face will cause fresh effects and can also eliminate the dull skin tone.

5. Extraction Phase:

This is actually an essential part of the facial face, namely the cleaning of blackheads or whiteheads. Sometimes, cleaning blackheads feels sore, so some people are reluctant to do so. If it is not handled by professionals, the cleaning of blackheads is not optimal and could even cause injuries. This phase is useful for:

Remove blackheads: Performing a massage during facial treatment will help remove lodged skin. By doing facials regularly, you can imagine that our faces will be free of black spot spots. In addition to the benefits of lemon juice can also be used for blackheads facials.

Prevent the ocular nerve in the face: The massage that is performed during the facial treatment accelerates the blood circulation, so that the blood vessels are not clogged and cause the death of the nerve.

Eliminate facial fat deposits: The massage will help burn the face fat and make it fresher.

Oil content control: If facial treatments are performed regularly, they will control the oil content on the face from time to time.

6. Facial Massage Phase:

This facial massage is performed with the aim of relaxing, stimulating the skin and eliminating the fall of facial muscles.

Keeping skin young: The loss of dead skin cells that accumulate on the face will trigger the growth of new skin cells. The cells to grow new skin will rejuvenate the skin again.

Make the skin look whiter: The materials used in addition to cleansing the facial skin will also be able to make the skin appear whiter. For example, facial with yam benefits, which are naturally nutritious to lighten the skin?

It helps the regeneration of skin cells: The loss of dead skin cells will help the growth of new skin cells, which would regenerate the skin directly.

7. Mask Award Phase facial:

The purpose of the mask is to close the pores, whiten the face, nourish the skin, and tone the facial muscles. This phase is useful for:

Stimulates the skin’s immune system: Often on the facial skin it will be clean and immune to acne and other diseases caused by bacteria and fungi.

Maintain healthy skin: The skin is maintained because it is often in the facial will be healthy or not stained.

Getting a dream skin: Doing facial treatments diligently will make the skin cleaner, white, soft and healthy like the skin that many coveted.

8. Final Phase:

Adding some serum, moisturizer and sunscreen if necessary. This phase is useful for:

Eliminates wrinkles: The elimination of wrinkles is also one of the properties of regular facial treatments. This can happen because the massage is performed when the skin is stretched or wrinkles form. Mas sagging the skin with the benefits of almond oil is also able to prevent wrinkles.

Delaying the aging process: Regular facials may delay aging, to keep the skin of the face firm.

Prevent skin cancer: Skin cancer caused by free radicals, but cleaning the face through the face regularly. The skin will always be protected from dirt radiation.

It was discovered that several stages of facial treatment have their own benefits. Be sure to perform each stage with a professional. Well, before doing a facial, you should also do the preparation.

What to do Before Facial Surgery?

There are some good things you can do to help your success in making facials. The following issues:

Drink more water or meet your daily needs minimally: Drinking more water before and after is necessary because the skin is hydrated. However, the addition of water consumption depends on the level of activity. Remember that the skin needs a sufficient amount of water to maintain elasticity.

Create a facial treatment program: Before undergoing a professional facial treatment, make sure you have a regular treatment program. Make your schedule correctly and do the facial a few days before the event if you have a party event or other important occasions. Performing this for a few days before the event aims to avoid the risk of redness and skin irritation while attending the event.

Do not make facial skin when you are in a period of sunburn. To avoid sunburn, preferably before facials, keep the skin using sunscreen. In addition to sunburn, it should also not be made when:

  • Your face with open sores and inflamed pimples.
  • Leather in a state of hypersensitivity

Metal Contradictions:

During pregnancy: Especially the facial use tool that elevates the current flowing to the body. The current flowing into the body can potentially affect the developing fetus and stimulate contractions.

Identify specific allergenic ingredients: Tell your doctor about any allergies and certain reactions to cosmetics or certain chemicals. If you don’t tell him, it could even make the facial skin so allergic and irritable.

What is the ideal time for facial treatment?

There is no specific schedule, when it becomes facial, this varies depending on the condition of the skin. Ideally, 14 days because it is the time it takes for the skin to regenerate. At least once a month is enough for you to do a facial. You may need more often if you are in acne treatment, especially early treatment. Well, if you look from age, when can you do the facial? Not all facials do. Before performing ritual beauty treatments, it is preferable to consult the face of a specialist doctor. In addition, we must also consider the type of treatment with age.

Age 12-17 years: facials are not as recommended for those in this age. Because at this age, the skin of the face is generally not much trouble. They tend to have normal skin characterized by a good skin texture; the pores are not visible, are not dehydrated and have no wrinkles.

Age 17-25 years: Choose facials for acne problems, such as curing or drying acne or to reduce the problem of the oil that causes acne.

Age 25-35 years: The corresponding is of soft facial types. For example, facial to get rid of dead skin cells so that the skin is brighter. Or, if you want to have a whiter face, it can vary with whitening.

Age 35-40 years: For those in this age range, it is advisable to make facials that are dry and anti-aging skin.

More than 40 years: Select facial anti-aging plus additional treatments, such as scrubs or fillers.

To avoid certain risks, make the diagnosis of skin type and the appropriate treatment by doctors who understand and have medical knowledge. Therefore, before choosing a facial clinic, facial procedures must be performed carefully and beforehand at the surgery site.


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