9 Alkaline Foods That Clean and Eliminate Acid From Your Body.

Did you know that your body needs to maintain a certain pH level to survive? And that’s not all. Your current lifestyle and diet may tend to affect this level of pH, making it acidic or alkaline. Here is the bad news. Most of us lean towards an acidic body while we need to move towards an alkaline body. Our ideal pH level is a slightly alkaline range of 7.35 to 7.45. Any value less than 7 is acidic (unhealthy), while any value above 7 is basic or alkaline. Some of our food choices can compromise and tip the scales of our body’s acid levels out of that healthy balance.

When your body is acidic, it pursues its mineral reserve and over time creates an environment that allows bacteria and other harmful compounds to thrive. An acidic body leads to unhealthy results such as inflammation, accumulation of toxins, and even puts our immune system and our organs in a vulnerable position. However, studies have shown that some foods can help restore that healthy acid balance due to its potent alkaline content. It is said that alkaline foods help clean your system, eliminate toxic or excess acid, and give your body a general regularity in functioning. Adopting an alkaline diet can help improve your health, reduce inflammation (which is one of the main triggers of most serious diseases) and even help fight serious diseases such as cancer.

Therefore, here is a list of 9 alkaline foods that you should eat or add to your daily diet.

1. Almonds:

These super powerful nuts can be found on almost any list of the healthiest foods to eat. Full of vital nutrients and even essential fatty acids of plant origin that are stored in its oil, it is also a food rich in alkalis. In addition to being good for the health of hair, skin and brain, almonds can also help increase muscle mass, reduce cholesterol levels and even help you lose weight.

2. Cucumbers:

Being the ideal vegetable for summers, cucumbers are natural diuretics, which means they help hydrate the body and get rid of excess water, ultimately balancing our acid levels by cleaning and washing off unpleasant toxins and the accumulated acids, which made our bodies their home. In addition to being a great option for the active cleaning of our system, cucumber juice is also effective in treating conditions caused by excess uric acid (a waste material found in the urine).

3. Cabbages:

The cabbage’s leafy goodness provides you with the necessary nutrients, such as magnesium and fiber that help keep our digestive system, immunity and alkalinity balanced and happy at the cellular level. In addition, cabbage is said to be effective in preventing and reversing certain cancers.

“Its fiber-rich nature also helps keep our calorie count low and is the perfect ingredient to add to any diet”.

4. Plum Tomato:

Plum tomatoes contain vitamin A, C, E, and they actually work wonders in helping to treat skin disorders, keeping their calories under control, treating urinary tract infections, bladder problems, and even cancers related to the bladder. This is because they are high in water content, therefore, the elimination of excess acid in the body by stimulating urination, so they can be released from our systems.

5. Grapefruits:

This fruit rich in citrus is a great juice or can also be eaten as is. With natural properties that help stimulate your metabolism, it helps keep your weight under control and eliminate unnecessary fat that clings to your body. In addition to being a dietary secret to lose weight, it is also an alkaline fruit, low in sugar, and despite its sour and sour taste, it does nothing more than increase its alkaline levels, and gives its immunity a powerful Vitamin C dose too.

6. Files:

Another comrade of citrus fruits, limes are powerful little fruits that are densely packed with vitamin C, therefore cleaning our urinary tract of toxins, excess acid (including uric acid), bacteria, and the like. An accumulation of uric acid in the body can cause pain, inflammation and even worsen our health, as this waste material slowly infects our internal organs. Files can effectively eliminate uric acid and other acids from the body with their anti-inflammatory properties.

7. Lemons:

When life gives you lemons, squeeze them to detoxify your body from the inside out, cleanse your digestive system and restore that healthy acid balance. It is known that lemons are the superstars in most home remedies, such as the flu, infections and even weight loss. Ironically, lemons contain citric acid, but despite being called that, it is a wonderful alkaline ally for our health. Despite its acidic nature, it generates alkaline responses in the body and is very low in sugar.

8. Basil:

Basil is considered the “king of herbs,” which is a worthwhile title because it is packed with nutrients that one normally needs to obtain from different foods. This lovely Italian herb is rich in vitamin K, omega-3 fatty acids, iron, calcium, vitamin C and more.