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What are the Best Diets to Lose Weight “Without Suffering”?

Although it seems a contradiction, to lose weight without suffering we must not diet. The secret is to learn to eat correctly, and increase the consumption of satisfying and healthy foods. When we decide to carry out a diet to lose weight automatically we believe that we will have a bad time, we will be hungry all the time and we will be unbearably bad-tempered. However, you can lose weight without suffering. How? In this article we tell you.

Is it Possible to Lose Weight Without Suffering?

Dieting is not synonymous with suffering, since there are certain habits that you can carry out in your day to day and that do not involve any effort.

“Changing your lifestyle is the best way to maintain your ideal weight and enjoy good health”.

In this way, we can lose weight without going hungry, without fearing the rebound effect and without feeling depressed, moody or frustrated. On the other hand, many diets promise to make us lose kilos in a short time, but also entail a strict regime and can be harmful to our body. Pay attention to these tips for an ideal diet:

1. Say Goodbye to Metabolically “Dead” Foods

We can divide into three groups these foods that do not bring benefits to the organism but the opposite: processed sugars, processed flours and oils. How many of your meals do they include? Surely the majority. One of the problems they cause is swelling. Therefore, one of the reasons why you cannot lose weight is because starch and fats are accumulating in your tissues. On the contrary, it adds more fruit and vegetables that help eliminate toxins and prevent fluid retention.

2. Do not Diet

Although it may seem strange, the best diet to lose weight without suffering lies precisely in not dieting. This is because, for many people, counting calories and looking at food packaging becomes an obsession. Think continuously about the kilos and what is allowed or prohibited is not good for your physical or mental health. Therefore, it is better that you do not eat a diet, much less those that promise miraculous results in a few weeks.

3. Have a Good Breakfast

The basis of a healthy diet lies in offering the body what it needs and when it needs it. Therefore, having adequate breakfast is essential for many reasons.  First, because it will provide you with the nutrients that your body will need throughout the day (remember that you have been sleeping for several hours and have not been offered food in all that time). In addition, a full breakfast avoids mid-morning snacks or arrives with a great appetite for lunch, allow you to exercise and perform more. Prolonged fasting stores fat because the organism, not receiving food, prepares to store and reserve. Make sure your breakfast includes all food groups: fruits, vegetables, dairy and cereals, no fried foods, sugars or pastries.

4. Do not Weigh Yourself Often

The weight of a person can vary according to different factors:

  • For example, it is not the same to weigh yourself in the morning before breakfast than in the evening after having eaten several times during the day.
  • Nor is it equal to get on the scale before the exercise that after training.
  • It can even change depending on whether or not we have gone to the bathroom, if we drank more or less liquid and the woman’s menstrual cycle.

The most advisable thing is to weigh yourself each week and trying to respect the same conditions. For example, always after breakfast and before exercising.

5. Eat more Times, but Less

One of the main problems of magical diets is that they reduce food intake to the maximum. This is not healthy because the body needs different nutrients. It is not recommended that lunch be a yogurt or that dinner be a soup dish. A good way to lose weight without suffering is to eat more but more intelligently. What does this mean? That instead of making 4 copious intakes make 6 smaller ones. The same amount of food but divided into more meals. It is convenient to consume something every 3 or 4 hours. Thus you will arrive with less appetite at lunch or dinner, the body will have energy continuously and the stomach will burn fat when it performs each digestion.

6. Chew Well

This is another of the tricks that can help you if you want to lose weight without suffering with miracle diets. When we eat slowly we eat less food, enjoy more of each bite and help your body digest it better. Chewing well, in addition, will help the digestive system to receive the most processed foods. Something that can also contribute to meet your goal is to use smaller plates so you can serve smaller portions.

7. Add more Proteins

This nutrient has many benefits for our body and allows us to lose weight without suffering. In each of your meals try to add proteins accompanied by fruits and vegetables to obtain satiety and energy. They provide few calories, slow digestion and are healthy.

8. Do not get Distracted While Eating

Leave out the television, mobile or book that you love while you eat. If you are dispersed at the time of the meal you will eat more food and of worse quality. In addition, you will not chew properly and the brain will still take longer to receive the message that the stomach is satisfied, as it will be paying attention to something else. As you see, these simple strategies can help you lose weight without suffering. The key remains in a balanced and healthy diet are patient and the results will end up noticing.

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