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What are the Best Satisfying Tea to Lose Weight Easily?

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If we consume them after our main meals, the satiating infusions will help us improve our digestion and prevent us from feeling the need to continue eating. The satiating infusions can be considered a good complement in our diet to promote weight loss. If you trust and like natural remedies, it is worth discovering these plants full of benefits that will always take care of our health. Something that we must also take into account when it comes to losing weight is that we should not skip meals or go hungry. Doing this, in reality, what we would achieve is to slow down our metabolism and, even if we managed to lose a kilo, we would probably recover it in a short time. We must take care of ourselves, and for that, it is necessary to know our body. The satiating infusions will come very well for you after your meals and if you also maintain an active life, accompanied by a healthy and balanced diet, all this will end up noticing in your figure.

We give you all the information in the following article.

The Importance of Satiety When it Comes to Losing Weight

You have just finished eating and after half an hour you are already hungry. Has it ever happened to you? It is probable, and for that reason, it is always good to take into account some simple aspects on this subject:

  • The sensation of hunger is regulated by the brain and, in it, factors such as light cycles or anxiety.
  • We are facing a process that is not only biological, since factors such as stress or anxiety determine our need to eat or, on the contrary, our lack of appetite.
  • Something that is interesting to know is that when we start eating, the stomach sends a series of hormones to the brain that, after 20 minutes, indicate that it is already satiated.
  • This means that it is important to chew slowly to favor salivation and, with it, the correct assimilation of nutrients in the digestion process. If we eat slowly and slowly we will take less food to the stomach and it will be satiated shortly afterwards.
  • We must also take into account that foods rich in sugars, fats or white flour have a low nutritional level. In addition, this leads to a few minutes to be hungry again.
  • Something as simple as introducing savory products into our food, such as spinach, nuts, pineapple, almonds or salmon, can make us not feel hungry again after a couple of hours.

The Best Satiating Infusions

“Natural plants can be a very suitable supplement to help us lose weight”.

It would really be about finding those satiating infusions that best suit you, the ones you like the most and the ones that help you most in the following aspects:

  • Favor your intestinal transit.
  • Improve your digestions.
  • Combat fluid retention
  • Regulate your anxiety in case you’re feeling of hunger has primarily a psychological component.
  • Give you a feeling of fullness for at least two hours, preventing you from snapping between hours.

Take note now of which are the best satisfying infusions, surely there will be one that will adapt better to your characteristics and needs.

Burdock Root Infusion

You can find burdock root in any natural store. It is known, above all, for promoting the health of the liver and for being very digestive.

  • Burdock root contains inulin, phytosterol and phenolic acids.
  • It is a good antiseptic, fights inflammation, fluid retention, is satiating and takes care of our digestions.

How to Take Burdock Root

Just make an infusion with a teaspoon (5 g.) Of this plant for each glass of water (200 ml.).

Burdock Root Contraindications

  • Do not take this infusion if you are pregnant or have a heart problem that forces you to take some type of medication.

Saturating Infusion of Focus

  • Fucus is an alga rich in antioxidants, vitamin C and carotenoids. These components serve to fight against obesity.

How to Take Fucus Infusion

  • You will find infusions ready to prepare in pharmacies or natural stores. You can drink one or two cups a day after your meals.

Contraindications of the Infusion of Fucus

  • Fucus contains iodine; therefore, it will be very suitable if you suffer from hypothyroidism. However, if your thyroid gland is overexcited, it is best to avoid this natural beverage.

Infusion of Horsetail

Among the known satiating infusions, horsetail is one of the most recommended to lose weight. It is diuretic, detoxifying, and rich in vitamins and minerals and an ideal complement to introduce into our diet.

How to Take Infusion of Horsetail

  • In this case, just take a cup the day after your main meal. You will only have to infuse 1 teaspoon (5 g) of the plant for each glass of water (200 ml).

Contraindications of Horsetail

  • If you are pregnant or taking medication for hypertension, it will always be better to consult your doctor first. It may not be convenient to consume horsetail .

Infusion of Apple Peel

  • The apple peel is a very suitable remedy to accelerate the metabolism, lose body fat and give us satiety after meals.
  • The skin of the apple contains a lot of benefits for both our heart and our digestion. In addition, it has no side effects and, in infusion, it is a wonderful beVerage for after our meals.

It is very important to make sure that the apples we use for this purpose come from organic farming.

How to Drink my Infusion of Apple Peel

  • Bring a glass of water to a boil and add the clean peel of an apple. Add a half teaspoon (5 ml) of lemon juice and a cinnamon stick.
  • Let it boil for 20 minutes. Then, strain all its contents and start enjoying the infusion.

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