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What is Cereal-Based Diet and How to Include Them?



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dopting a cereal-based diet will not only make us gain weight, it can even help us lose it. In addition, it will provide us with a large amount of nutrients. When we think about starting a diet, our brain automatically imagines a lot of vegetables, which for some are boring. However, there are currently different healthy options that also help us lose weight quickly. It is the case of the diet based on cereals. In the past there were the diets in which you felt imprisoned by a monotonous and enslaving lifestyle. With the modern era, came the fun exercises, healthy meals and a lot of positive mentality. Healthy foods are one of the key points of any healthy lifestyle.  One of the most notorious examples is the possibility of including cereals in your diet.

Why Do We Want to Adopt a Diet?

Before delving further into the benefits of including cereals in our daily diet, we must ask ourselves a very common question: what would be the goal of committing to a diet? Beyond reaching our ideal weight, today many people choose certain types of diets to reduce certain discomforts or fight diseases. Regardless of your health situation, we recommend you visit your trusted dietitian before adopting a diet that could adversely affect your health. If you are intolerant to gluten, which is known as celiac disease, you should be clear that the diet rich in cereals is not recommended for you. This is because people with this condition must leave aside certain types of food.

Why Choose a Cereal Based Diet?

This type of food is perfect to accompany our meals and not raise our glucose levels. As long as we consummate them in moderation. Depending on the cereal we choose to include, these may contain between 7 and 14% of protein, much less than what is present in other foods, but equally beneficial. Most cereals lack an amino acid called lysine. That is why it is very important to combine this type of food with legumes or dairy products. By performing this action, you will be offering your body a significant amount of energy and vitality.

Among other benefits that cereal can bring to your life, we can mention:

  • They contain little fat, which makes them ideal for our health.
  • They provide us with vitamins and essential nutrients for the body.
  • They do not contain cholesterol.
  • They are rich in fiber, which gives us the feeling of fullness for much longer. This prevents you from eating more meals and breaking the diet you have proposed.

Types of Cereals

The difference between gaining weight eating cereal and not doing knows what cereal we include in our diet food. Among the most popular, we can find:


The preferred to start the day with lots of energy.

“This grain is high in fiber, which gives us the necessary nutrients after being so many hours without eating”.

It can be seasoned with fruits, milk of vegetable origin or certain delicious species. Among its benefits, we can highlight that it protects blood vessels and lowers LDL cholesterol levels in the body.


This grain has positive effects on our cerebral, circulatory and muscular systems. Vegetarians can steam it with vegetables and spices, while meat lovers can use it as a companion.


For its delicious flavor and popularity, we can find it in most of the breads we consume. Wheat has become a crucial ingredient in our meals.


Sweet taste, corn is able to provide important nutrients to our health, such as vitamins and minerals. However, we must be careful in the amount we consume because, like everything else in life, any excess is bad.


Preferred by vegetarians, this cereal contains the essential amino acids that our body needs. Its versatility at the time of cooking makes the quinoa one of the ideal companions when preparing a meal. People, who are celiac, or intolerant to gluten, consume this type of cereal regularly in their meals.

How to Include Them in Our Diet?

A simple way to eat cereals in a healthy way in our diet is through ingenious culinary ideas. Nowadays, you can use them to complete your meals, such as empanizer powder, to start your day with a lot of energy or, simply, to give yourself a healthy taste. If you are one of those who do not like oatmeal in the morning, we bring you some fabulous advice that will make you enjoy it like never before:

  • When you prepare it, include a little cinnamon and cocoa powder. This combination will give you flavor without the need to resort to sugar.

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