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What are the Main Components of Homeopathy Treatment to Lose Weight?

The treatments of homeopathy to lose weight start from a different approach than traditional medicine. According to what we have seen so far, excess weight is due to the fact that we eat more calories than we consume. Seen this way, the solution seems very simple: eat fewer calories and exercise more. If it were so simple, no one would abandon a diet to lose weight! However, the dropout rate can reach up to 80% in some cases, and especially within the first three or four weeks of diet. Is it your case? Then you will be interested to know the recommendations of homeopathy to lose weight.

What is Homeopathy?

To begin, it is interesting to know something more about homeopathy. Actually, most people have a pretty general idea about this type of medicine. It is considered among alternative medicines, although it has the same origin as traditional medicine: it was created by the Greek physician Hippocrates, called “the father of Medicine”, in the fifth century before our era. However, it had to wait until the nineteenth century for Homeopathy to find its place among medical treatments, thanks to the efforts of the German physician Samuel Hahnemann. Homeopathic medicine is based on a very simple idea:  “the like cures the like”. The homeopathic medicines would cause the same effect of the disease that is suffering in the person, so that the organism reestablishes its defense mechanisms against the disease. In fact, a mechanism very similar to that of vaccines … and yet nobody considers vaccines as an alternative medicine!

The preparations of homeopathic medicine are made from vegetable, mineral or animal substances, from snake venom to onion extracts. According to its most enthusiastic supporters, homeopathic medicines are safe, have no contraindications or toxicity and can be used for most diseases of all types of patients including children. According to its detractors, the preparations of homeopathic medicine are so diluted (in fact dilution is the other pillar of homeopathy) that they almost do not contain active substances, so they become mere placebos.

Is There Homeopathy to Lose Weight?

Analyzing the above, it would not be so difficult to find a solution in homeopathy to lose weight if you found the reasons why a person abandoned his diet to lose weight. In fact, homeopathic doctors consider obesity and overweight as metabolic disorders. As explained in this book by the NIH, metabolism is the set of chemical reactions in the body through which food is converted into energy. 

“When the metabolism is unbalanced, most of the food instead of becoming energy is stored in the body in the form of body fat”.

Treatments of Homeopathy to Lose Weight

Homeopathy uses several elements for the treatment of obesity and overweight. Take into account that even with its minimum active substance content, homeopathic medicines do not stop being medicines. Therefore, they must be prescribed by a doctor and their intake must be controlled by the professional. The treatments of homeopathy to lose weight would try to understand what is causing the metabolic disorder to act accordingly, keeping in mind that we are a body-mind unit and that many emotional processes can strongly affect the functioning of the organism. Only a diet of meals and exercise can lose weight, but homeopathy to lose weight helps the body to restore metabolic balance and eliminate toxins and fats that have accumulated over time.

The elements most used by homeopathy to lose weight are:

  • Celandine: medicinal plant whose sap is rich in alkaloids, celidonic acid and nicotinic acid, with a narcotic, sedative, antiseptic, antispasmodic and laxative effect. It is used in suckers for the left lobe of the liver.
  • Dandelion: contains alkaloids such as taxarin and tannins such as coumarins, beneficial effect for detoxification and purification of the body. It is used in suction cups for the middle lobe of the liver.
  • Goldenrod: contains flavonoids, tannins, coumarins and inulin. Diuretic medicinal plant. It is used in suction cups for hepatorenal drainage.
  • Berberis or barberry: for the drainage of the kidneys due to its contents in berberine and others with laxative properties.
  • Fucus or laminaria: is an alga found on the beaches of the Atlantic Ocean. It is used to regulate the functioning of the thyroid gland because of its high iodine content. Traditionally it was used by Chinese medicine to treat hair loss and increase sexual desire.
  • For people who suffer from hunger attacks at night, they recommend medicines with antimony , a white metal that is found in some foods such as meat, vegetables, fish and shellfish, and cashew nuts , very nutritious and rich in phytosterols.
  • Those who are constantly hungry will surely receive hypothalamic drugs and those who suffer from fluid retention should take sodium sulfide, one of the salts that are part of cellular fluids. However, if the fluid retention is due to the intake of corticosteroids, the indicated treatment will be with cortisol or Cassis.
  • To facilitate the digestive processes or if you suffer constipation, the homeopathy kit for weight loss will recommend carbonic calcareous, an organic substance that comes from the shell of certain oysters.
  • To stimulate the diuretic processes, elements of vegetable origin will be used, such as Java tea, Japanese clover, weed if the retention of uric acid is combined with rheumatic diseases and cynarin, mainly contained in the artichoke, to restore the hepatic metabolism.