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Dehydrated Fruit, Strengthens your Bones and Fights Fatigue!


As of menopause, women begin to lose bone mass, with all the risks that entails. Dried fruit provides energy and strengthens your bones. Dehydrated fruit is that healthy and delicious option that should not be missing from your diet. Despite not having water and being dried, it provides us with a high amount of minerals and proteins, perfect to start the day with a lot of energy. How to resist? It is that perfect option for our breakfasts because it is ideal to avoid constipation and strengthen our bones, thanks to its high calcium and zinc content. Dehydrated fruit is an excellent ally for your health, but you should consume it in its fair doses. We give you all the information in this article so you know how to benefit from it.

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Does Dehydrated Fruit Make us Gain Weight?

It is a question that you have asked yourself immediately. The reason? There are many people who usually avoid the consumption of dried fruit to think that it contains too much sugar. And it is true that they have a somewhat elevated portion of sugars (as is the case with raisins). However,

“when dehydrated, the concentration of nutrients such as minerals and vitamins is much higher”.

Therefore, they become very healthy resources that we should not let go. To better understand your benefits, keep this information in mind:

  • Dehydrated foods contain a lot of nutrients and give us 4 times more energy than when they are fresh.
  • The dried fruit is better assimilated in our body and it is satiating. This means that we need to consume less to feel full, avoiding chopping between hours and also obtaining great energy.
  • Many people usually include dehydrated fruit in their slimming diets: they facilitate the intestinal transit and help to make the digestion.

The secret of dried fruit is to consume the right amount (100 grams a day). In this way we obtain basic nutrients for our body and our bones, also fighting chronic fatigue.

Benefits of Dehydrated Fruit for our Bones

Dehydrated fruit is that healthy ally that we should begin to introduce more frequently in our diet, from prunes, dates or dried apricots to dried raspberries. They are all delicious! In addition, they are an excellent option for our breakfasts, and to combine in our stews and our meats. Do you want to know everything that dehydrated fruits can do for you? Take note of all the benefits they bring to your body:

  • They are a natural source of iron, calcium, magnesium and zinc. A natural treasure full of benefits for your bones and to combat osteoporosis.
  • They prevent some degenerative diseases, given their high content of vitamins E, C and antioxidants.
  • Improve digestion, take care of our intestines and thus prevent the accumulation of toxins or harmful elements in our body.
  • Dehydrated fruit is a natural source of potassium and vitamin B complex, ideal for our bones.
  • By not containing sodium and being so rich in micro nutrients, they allow us to reduce arterial hypertension.
  • Dehydrated fruit is rich in good fat, such as omega 3 and omega 6.
  • They are ideal to combat anxiety and appetite.
  • Since it is rich in nutrients, many athletes often include dried fruit in their diet for energy and better physical performance.

And in addition to all this, it is usually considered dehydrated fruit as “capsules of energy and optimism “, ideal for all those women who have entered menopause and who feel more tired and with a little lower spirit. Given that in this period is when we suffer the most loss of calcium from our bones, it would be very important that each day you take about 100 grams of dried figs, since it is the dried fruit richest in calcium.

The Best Dehydrated Fruit you can Consume:

The right amount and adequate that you should consume per day is about 100 grams, that is, what fits more or less in the palm of your hand. You can vary according to your tastes and needs, since they stand as a wonderful snack to which to turn between meals, or that original touch for our meals. Be that as it may, dehydrated fruit is always a natural resource that will do much for your health and that is worth consuming in moderation to obtain all its benefits. Take note now of what are the best options.

1. Dehydrated Figs

They strengthen our bones and are excellent laxatives. A very suitable way to consume them is at breakfast, introducing a nut or a pair of almonds in the center. It is delicious and a natural cocktail of energy, calcium and magnesium.

2. Dehydrated Plums

They are the fruits richest in fiber and, therefore, more effective to combat constipation. In addition, they contain a high level of iron and B vitamins.

3. Dehydrated Dates

They are ideal to increase your capacity for concentration and mental agility. In addition to this, the dates are rich in magnesium and calcium and are also very useful to help us sleep at night. Do you know how? You only have to eat 5 dates half an hour before going to bed.

4. Dehydrated Blueberries

Dehydrated cranberries are the best to regulate bad cholesterol, improve our heart health and benefit from a high content of antioxidants. Do you want to know what the best way to take them is? With a good bowl of oatmeal or mixed with a natural white yogurt without sugar. Delicious!

As you see, eating dehydrated fruit every day will provide your body with infinity of benefits. And it is very easy to include it in the diet. Are you going to try it?


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