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Does Weight Loss Diet Really Makes you Fat?

Many times the problem of the diet is that, when leaving it, we suffer the dreaded rebound effect. It is important that we learn to eat healthy and that we make it a habit. For some it is a question, for others an affirmation. Following a diet or eating plan may not be what you need to lose weight. Do you want to know if dieting is fattening? Would you like to uncover the mystery of why it is possible not to lose even a gram even if you only eat salad?

In this article we tell you.

The “No Diet” is Trend

Who would not like there to be a world where we could all eat without restrictions and maintain the desired figure? That there were no vetoed foods or sacrifices to lose weight. You do not have to dream about that utopia since, apparently, it’s reality. It is a movement called “no diet” and was launched several years ago by two nutritionists through a book. The idea is to eat intuitively and not follow general plans that have nothing to do with our habits or even personality. This means feeding us according to what we want at that moment and what the body needs. But attention, since the problem may lie in “giving us too many tastes” and overeating.

Therefore consume objectively and “thought” is better than subjective and emotional. Eating out of boredom, anxiety or sadness is not what the organism asks but our emotions. Then it is more likely that we will finish an entire package of chips or cookies and not eat a handful and continue with our activities. According to the dietitian Blanca Galofre, poor diet is the cause of overweight and obesity. What counts is not so much the quantity but the quality of what we ingest. Our ancestors knew, without relying on science, what food they liked best and served them to carry out their daily activities. They also took into account the weather, the time of year and the difficulty of their tasks. Today we eat governed by emotions and this is how eating disorders or weight gain arising.

Dieting Does not Necessarily Help us Lose weight

Every time there are more “miraculous” diets that promise us to lose a certain amount of kilos in a matter of weeks, making many sacrifices. The diet of the moon, the diet of the orange, the Paleolithic diet … All are extreme options where physiological needs are not taken into account, much less personal ones. There is more chance of getting fat again when leaving the diet than of staying at the ideal weight and it is also very common to abandon the dietary plans shortly after starting. Constancy is a sine qua non condition for a diet to be effective, but the problem is that we cannot spend a year eating salad of lettuce and celery every day.

“In addition, when we deprive our body of the amount of calories it needs, the brain interprets it as a danger signal”.

In this way it gives the signal to the organism to save reserves for the future (and not to burn them as it is believed) and to operate in “energy saving mode”.

Enjoy the Food So as Not to Get Fat

The body always knows what is convenient for it, what it needs and what it does not; that’s why you have to learn to listen to it and understand it. The rush of current life and the habit of emotions prevailing above all may be the causes of obesity or not being able to lose weight.

  • Choosing the food taking the right time to analyze your nutritional contributions is essential, as well as waiting a few minutes when the supposed appetite attacks us.
  • If you know that while watching a movie or series you eat cookies or popcorn (not because you are hungry), then try to do something else to divert that need.
  • Enjoy the food is essential to not get fat. The conscious diet pays attention to the needs of the body and leaves aside those “fictitious prizes” that we invent as an excuse to eat. That food is not a reason for struggle, for guilt or tension, but for pleasure and enjoyment.

The best thing is that during the process we will not suffer and we will not feel that we are depriving ourselves of everything that is rich. And in addition, we will avoid the dreaded “rebound effect” that worries us so much.

Truths About Eating Well

There are many myths that revolve around dieting, but there are also truths that are worth noting:

  • Cooking of all kinds (including fried) are necessary for our health.
  • You do not have to go hungry to lose weight.
  • You can lose weight while enjoying the bread, pasta or sweets.
  • The variety of the menu is vital to lose weight.
  • Planning the weekly purchase is better than following a strict diet.
  • Going to the market with a full stomach avoids buying too much.
  • Eating healthy is more affordable than choosing fast food or at home.
  • There is no need to eat watching television because the brain does not know when we are satisfied.
  • Fasting does not help us lose weight: it only serves to detoxify the organism.

Here we have left you some tips and some false myths about diets and habits to lose weight. Keep them in mind when losing weight, do it always taking care of your health and with the help of a specialist if necessary.

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