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Exercises to Lose Weight at Home Without Effort!

It is not the first time we talk about how to exercise from home, and that is when the cold starts it is difficult to leave the house and continue with our exercise routine. That is why, if you are one of those people who hate running or do not have money to go to the gym, in this post we are going to talk about one of the options of exercises to lose weight at home.

Before You Start Exercising to Lose Weight at Home

You should bear in mind that doing exercises to lose weight at home requires a great strength of will and discipline: the armchair, the computer and television are distractions against which we will have to fight and, truth be told, it will not be easy. That’s why we recommend that you use a part of the house where there are as few distractions as possible.

Another important point is the space: we will need a large place to move peacefully without worrying because we can accidentally break the vase that the mother-in-law gave us … We will also need a small mattress and, of course, comfortable and sporty clothes, so out pajamas!. Of course, apart from the entire above, if what we are looking for is to lose weight, we need to take a balanced diet. It may seem obvious, but it is not so obvious, because if after exercising we gorge ourselves or eat certain types of food, the exercise to lose weight at home will not help us at all.

How Long Should We Train or Carry out These Exercises to Lose Weight?

The constancy is essential, but it is also true that we do not always have all the time we would like to dedicate to sports; even being exercises to lose weight at home. Therefore, we must organize ourselves properly and try to practice these exercises at least three times a week, for about an hour.

How Should We Make the Table of Exercises to Lose Weight at Home?

Any table that you do of exercises to lose weight at home will be based on series and repetitions that will help us both to lose weight and to tone up.

“Keep in mind that before starting with the table and after finishing, you have to incorporate aerobic exercise”.

This type of exercise is quite complicated if you do not have a stationary bike or a treadmill, since it consists of jogging in the same place, for ten minutes. In addition, it is a rather boring exercise, so if you have the opportunity to leave home to run, even if it costs you a little to leave, do it. Another important point is that when you have finished doing a stretch of stretches that will make you feel relaxed and also avoid unwanted injuries. Do not forget them in your exercise chart to do at home and lose weight!

What Exercises to Lose Weight at Home Can I Do?

We bring you the simplest, common and effective slimming exercises at home so you can start without any problem. Join this exercise routine to lose weight at home!

  • Doing a squat well is much more difficult than it seems. Keep in mind that when you go down, the thighs should be parallel with the floor and back as seen in the photograph. You can help by supporting your hands on a chair, without using your arms with strength from your legs, but it will not help. If you have a large mirror at home, use it to make sure you’re doing it right. Squats are one of the complete exercises at home that will help you especially when you want to lose weight in the lower part of the trunk: legs, hips, ass, and thighs … Out complex!
  • Flexions: They are one of the exercises at home to lose weight that are more popular. They are the passion of some and the nightmare of others. If you are of the latter and are unable to keep the body straight, support the knees instead of the feet to begin with. Although, once you have gained strength, again support the feet.
  • Strides. Other ways to lose weight is through the exercise of strides. To make them right, make sure both legs are at a ninety degree angle and the back is completely straight with the arms down. Once you are an expert in strides, you can include weight to exercise using dumbbells or, if not, bottles of water.
  • Since there are many ways to perform this exercise, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs, but it is true that the most effective way to lose weight is by lifting your feet as in the image. You can help yourself from a chair or by resting your feet on the wall. Yes, whatever you do, make sure you do not hurt your back.
  • Our favorite, without a doubt. We have already spoken to you in another entry of Zumba , a way to perform exercises to lose weight at home while dancing and having fun. We care that at first you look like a dizzy duck, do not catch the steps or just get to finish the first song. If you like to dance or the previous exercises seem boring, try it. The best? That you can practice alone or call your best friend and learn to dance together.

Exercise Routine to Lose Weight at Home

The series and repetitions that we propose are indicative , that is, if you can do more, do not hesitate and if you cannot do them, the number of series will decrease, and you will be able to increase them when you get more resistance. Now, when you start a series, always make it complete and remember to take a break of more or less a minute between series and series. Rest, breathe and if necessary, stretch.

  • Aerobic exercise: Ten minutes.
  • Strides: Three series and ten repetitions.
  • Flexions: Three series and five repetitions.
  • Sentadillas : Three series and ten repetitions.
  • Abdominals: Three series and ten repetitions.
  • Aerobic exercises
  • Stretches.

Additional note: if you are not yet familiar with the series and repetitions remember that a series contains repetitions. For example, if it is three sets and ten repetitions of abdominals you will have to do thirty sit-ups, that is, first ten, rest, others ten, rest and ten others. If we talk about leg exercises, remember that each series must be done with each one of the legs. For example, three sets and ten repetitions of strides you will have to do thirty strides with each leg, that is, ten strides with the right leg, rest, ten with the left, rest, ten with the right, rest, ten with the left, rest, ten with the right, rest and ten with the left.

What Other Things Can I Do to Lose Weight Without a Gym?

Normally, those who look for exercises to lose weight at home is because either you do not have time to move to the gym or the economic health is not very good and you cannot afford to pay the gym fee, there are more alternatives to do at home apart from the exercises that we have already mentioned. Do you have a room that you do not use? Ideally, you can convert it into your home gym: a second-hand static bike, a treadmill and some dumbbells or dumbbells are enough to make your own exercise circuit at home. In addition, you can also practice steps up and down the stairs in repeated series: exercises to lose weight at home that cost money and make a difference. You see the series increase every day and soon you will notice: you will not take the elevator again. Finally, even if it sounds weird, cleaning with music is proven to help: music makes us move more, activate more and ultimately burn more calories. It’s true that you do not burn as if you’re serious about exercising, but anyway, it’s much better than sitting on the couch watching movies and eating popcorn.

Do not forget that you are what you eat: if you have a very sedentary lifestyle, help yourself with food and reject industrial pastries, high-calorie and fried snacks. Rediscover fruit-based snacks, dairy products and rich summer salads. If you’re thirsty in the middle of the afternoon, better a juice or a natural chilled milkshake than a gaseous soft drink. The trick to lose weight at home is to change habits: a correct routine will take you to your goal.