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Amazing Healthy Foods that Helps to Lose Weight!

No matter what diet you choose to lose weight, the only way to lose weight NATURALLY is to make a radical change in your eating habits, wisely selecting your foods to lose weight and not giving up the sport. A balanced diet, along with the right exercises will accelerate your weight loss process. But well, let’s leave the philosophy and go to the point. Many studies show that the main cause of obesity is that people eat a lot. In part it is true, but, paradoxically, there are foods that promote weight loss. They are common foods, which over time we forget, or change for modern, processed, “tastier”, but very harmful food…

Fruit to Lose Weight:

Fruits contain vitamins and minerals that improve hair, skin and nails, and also contribute to weight loss. The fiber present in fruits cleanses our body of toxins and other harmful substances. Let’s see some of the most recommended fruits for weight loss: Fruits are a very important group in healthier slimming foods and recommended by dietitians and nutritionists.

Apples: Contain vitamins, minerals and pectin. The latter acts as a soluble fiber, which helps dissolve cholesterol and takes an active part in the fight against diabetes. By eating an apple, you will feel satiated, without having consumed almost no calories. It has been shown that eating an apple before eating will significantly reduce the calorie absorption of the main course.

Pears: The insoluble fiber of pears has a beneficial effect on the intestines and eliminates toxins and heavy metals.

“Pear contains more fructose, which is also important to maintain a good figure”.

Grapefruit: It has the property of reducing insulin levels, so you will feel less hungry. It improves metabolism, digestion, increases the process of burning fat in the body. This fruit cleanses the body of toxins, reduces bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol, removes excess fluid. If during the day at each meal you can drink 150 ml of grapefruit juice, after two weeks you will have been able to lose 2 kilograms without any effort.

Figs: This fruit improves digestion, contains no fat and is low in calories. If you eat two or three figs 2-3, the feeling of hunger will disappear. The fig is also added to the muesli and hunger recedes. Muesli is a healthy, nutritious, energetic and satiating food, and also a fairly complete cocktail of vitamins and minerals, proteins and carbohydrates. Muesli is one of the healthiest foods. It enjoys great popularity for its energetic and satiating properties.

Pineapple: The queen of fruits is very low in calories. Accelerates the breakdown and digestion of proteins. Pineapple is best eaten before meal, because it contributes to the rapid saturation of protein-rich foods.

Kiwi: This fruit helps burn fat in blocked arteries. In addition, it improves metabolism and digestion, eliminates cholesterol, cleanses the body of harmful toxins. In addition, it has one of the highest concentrations of vitamin C, reaching 100 mg, in 100 g of product. One kiwi per day is enough to meet the daily needs of our body in vitamin C.

Avocado: This fruit (if, in case you did not know, avocado is a fruit) has a high fat content, the good one, contributes to rapid and effective weight loss. Its fats are quickly digested and create a quick feeling of satiety.

Nuts: They are good for snacks, because they satisfy you quickly. They have a lot of vitamins and fiber. Dried apricots, raisins, prunes and dates can be taken with tea as a snack or second breakfast. But remember, everything is good in moderation, being dry, the water content is lower, but the sugar content is higher in nuts, so no more than 150 grams per day, divided into two or three snacks.

Berries: This group is one of the tastiest foods to lose weight and it is highly recommended to eat raspberries, currants, strawberries, blueberries and others. You can consume these berries, fresh or frozen, they are very healthy, because they lower blood sugar, release fat cells, and help smooth our wrinkles.

Vegetables to Lose Weight:

It is no secret to anyone, that vegetables are a very important group of foods to lose weight, which also provide us with all the minerals, vitamins and micro-foods necessary to have an iron health. It is an excellent habit, mix different vegetables, add a little olive oil and lemon, and eat it before the main course. Filling our stomach with a low-calorie salad will leave less room for the main course, which is usually high in calories and dressings. This technique or custom, by itself, helps you lose weight very effectively.

If you Know What You Eat You Can Lose Weight?

Knowing what one eats, you can control weight gain, simply by eating large volumes of foods with fewer calories. You will feel that your stomach is always full without having consumed so much calorie. When you decide on certain foods you have to know some basic concepts in three

Essential Components of Our Diet:

  1. You have to know that Fat contains a lot of calories, so you have to avoid foods (for example) like butter. Fruits and vegetables do not contain fat. Foods that have fat in a natural way are products that come from milk and many types of meat, therefore they have many calories. Ideally, choose skim or skim products and meats with little fat or lean matter (turkey, veal, rabbit or chicken).
  2. The fiber as it takes to digest, there is more feeling of stomach satisfied with few calories and a lot of volume. Foods with fiber have whole grains, fruits or vegetables.
  3. Foods that contain a lot of water in their composition usually have few calories, including varied fruits and vegetables such as watermelon, chard, lettuce, tomato or melon. All of them very good to lose weight urgently without doing miracles.

The most difficult thing is to be able to change habits and maintain a type of diet based on healthy foods that can really help us achieve our desire.

What Foods Should Not Be Missing in Our Diet to Lose Weight In a Healthy Way?

  1. If we are looking for a healthy type of diet we should not forget about the fruit and although each one has its calories, almost all of them are good when thinking about a healthy diet to lose weight urgently. It is ideal fresh and without adding any sugar. Fruit juices usually have a high energy concentrate and therefore are not advisable.
  2. For the protein contribution both animals and vegetables are used, the most advisable are those that have many proteins but little fat. Foods such as legumes, fish, chicken or fat-free dairy products
  3. So little carbohydrates should be lacking in a healthy diet, although whole grains are the best option because they are rich in fiber and have other important properties. Among them are bread, pasta or rice, provided they are integral.
  4. Fats are also important as long as they are not saturated. Fats that are obtained from foods such as nuts or olive oil, if they are advisable because they are very healthy.
  5. Vegetables are those that have so little to miss in a healthy diet with an intention to lose weight urgently. Almost all have fewer calories in a larger volume and satisfy hunger well. Lettuce, asparagus, broccoli or eggplant should not be missing if it is the time. They can also be used as an accompaniment in dishes and avoid putting sauces that will only provide calories and fat. Let them be the main element on your plate and the rest only for accompaniment.

Looking for what is really important and eliminating any food where there are doubts, the goal of losing weight will be achieved very simply, you just have to choose what is healthy for our body.


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