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The Most Common Mistakes that Prevent from Losing Weight!

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One of the principles to lose weight is to burn more than what we consume, but it does not mean that we should stop eating. The key is to do better. There are different reasons that can make us decide to lose weight. The most common want to lead a healthier life and to feel comfortable with what we see in the mirror. Many times it is impressive to see what has happened to our body for not having healthy habits.

However, we can always decide that it is time to change and take responsibility for our health.

“You will only need a little commitment to do everything you have so far avoided or overlooked: exercise, diet and detoxify”.

If you have already made the decision to change, it is time to set a goal and do what is necessary to achieve it. Of course, always doing everything possible to make it as healthy as possible. Keep reading to find out what are the mistakes that prevent you from losing weight. Possibly a small change is enough to regain control of the situation.

1. Restrict Some Type of Food

Usually, when we decide to lose weight, the first thing we do is practically stop eating. However, different studies have concluded that the only way to lose weight is by having a diet that includes products from all the food groups. Of course, in adequate amounts.

We should not have restricted diets, but healthy foods in abundance. We must change our habits and culinary practices and replace red meats with white meats, selecting the leanest meats.

Another good practice is to eliminate processed sugar from our diet. It would also be a good idea to say goodbye to all the junk foods that only give us large amounts of sodium, saturated fats and sugars. Instead, eat more fruits and vegetables during the day, using them as snacks instead of eating cakes, chips or any other type of snack.

2. Do not go to a Specialist

Another of the errors that prevent you from losing weight is not requesting the advice and opinion of a specialist. If you do not, you will be moving in the dark on your way to health, so you may fall.

Going to a specialist is extremely beneficial. He will help us to draw up an action plan according to our current weight situation and our physiological conditions. It will guide us and draw real goals with which we can, little by little, reach our ideal weight. Not the one we want, but the one that is suitable for our physiology.

In short, going to a specialist is the best investment we can make, since it will save us a lot of time and energy. Among the options you can choose are your family doctor if your health is generally good. You can also go with a nutritionist or an endocrinologist if you have special requirements.

3. Consume Alcoholic Beverages

Many times we decided to lose weight, but we do not modify all our habits. You could make sure you have an exercise session on time and make an effort to comply with the diet to the letter. However, this should be complemented in small breaks.

Different studies indicate that alcoholic beverages are another factor that prevents you from losing weight. First, these drinks are full of empty calories. These do not provide any type of nutrient to our body, but they do accumulate fat.

As they are components other than healthy foods, the organism will process them differently, which will ruin all the progress we have made. To make matters worse, alcoholic beverages also affect our performance, cause sleep disorders, in the brain, in the nervous system and prevent us from building muscle.

4. Do not Exercise

Different medical researches emphasize that to lose weight it is essential to exercise. The reason for this is simple: we must burn more calories than we eat daily.

For it, it is enough to realize some activity that regulates our metabolism, and that allows us to lose the weight that we have left over. We can practice countless activities: it’s just a matter of finding something that we’re passionate about.

To facilitate the process, invite our friends and family to build a new healthy lifestyle. You will discover that it is easier to stay active in company.


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