Presence of Nail Psoriasis What to Do to Overcome?

Psoriasis can also affect the nail, this type of psoriasis is called nail psoriasis, it is represented with a marked thickening of the nail or with a detachment of the nail from the nail base. As you know, nails in a good condition can become very attractive; your nails also reflect the hygienic habits that you can have. Nails are something nice on any occasion; most people consider nail hygiene very important. Women are more important in the nails than a man.

If you are a person who gives a lot of importance to nail hygiene, you will surely feel very bad knowing that you have psoriasis on the nails since your nails will appear quite unpleasant , they will present as we had already mentioned a nail detachment in the nail base. Nail psoriasis or nail psoriasis affects half of patients who have suffered from other types of psoriasis and usually affects the fingernails more than the toenails. Due to its location the nail psoriasis can be very painful and can cause a functional disability since you can have problems at the time of picking up any object, this is because your nails become very thick and separate you from the nail bed.

The causes that make you have the type of psoriasis on the nails are the following:

  • If you have already had any other type of psoriasis, you are more likely to have psoriasis on the nails.
  • If you are a manual worker, it is important that you be careful with the irritating agents and also with the humidity since you can develop fungi that make you with nail psoriasis

Psoriasis on the nails may cause a great dislike since your hands and face are quite components important in interpersonal relationships. If you have this type of psoriasis you will live with anguish and with a lower quality of life because it generates rejection by other people due to the visual impact it generates.

The Symptoms You Will Have Because Of Psoriasis on the Nails are the Following:

  • Your nails will turn yellowish
  • You also get a peeling that can occur both above and below the nail
  • Your nails will be stung
  • You can get to destroy your nails
  • Also the nail can be detached from your finger

Nail psoriasis can become so severe that not only will your nails be affected, but it can also affect the skin of your fingers, causing injuries and inflammation in the fingertips.

“It is important that you seek professional help when you have psoriasis on the nails”.

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