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How Does Stevia is Beneficial in the Weight Loss Diet?

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By using stevia as a substitute for sugar we get to sweeten desserts but with fewer calories. It will always be convenient to choose the most natural options, such as your sheet or the extract. If you are a healthy person you may avoid all types of sweeteners or choose honey or stevia . This time we want to talk about this last ingredient. We know that there are some controversies about whether it is a good idea or not to use stevia in weight loss or not. Here we will talk about its benefits and why we consider it a good idea to add it to your diet. Remember it is important to keep portion sizes and do not consume too much because there just is when it stops being healthy.

Ready? Keep reading and do not miss the opportunity to know the benefits of Stevie. In the end, it will be your decision whether you consume it or not, but do it in an informed and foundational way.

What is Stevia?

Stevia is a natural sweetener, just like cane sugar. The plant of the stevia is native to Brazil and Paraguay and for several years was almost unknown to the whole world. It has been used to sweeten the traditional mate, as a natural remedy and as a sweetener in traditional cooking.

As a natural remedy, in those regions you believe in the benefits of stevia when it comes to:

  • Lose weight
  • Soothe burns
  • Fight colic
  • Reduce stomach problems

“In addition, its sweetening effect is 200 times more potent than traditional sugar”.

Just the latter is what has caused the explosion of its fame and use, although in recent years has also emerged the fear of its negative effects.

What is the Best Type of Stevia in Weight Loss and for Your Health?

Although the most commercial form in which you will find stevia is powder, similar to sugar, it is not the only one. Your options are:

On Green Leaf

This is the least processed option and the healthiest option. Unlike the processed options, this presentation only has a sweetening effect 30 times greater than traditional cane sugar. However, being the most natural option, it is the one that puts you at less risk and brings greater benefits to health. If you have the possibility to get it, take advantage of it.

Stevia Extract

This is the most common version when we think of stevia as weight loss. Its effect is equivalent to 200 times the effect of sugar. The point is that it retains a bit of the bitter taste of the natural leaf so not everyone likes it. However, if you give it a chance you will get used to it in a short time. If you cannot get the natural leaf, this is the second best option.

Stevia Altered

This is the most commercial and least healthy option of the three. Usually the most it consumed by his precio but I really do not recommend it because already includes other ingredients.

Stevia in Weight Loss

The biggest benefit of stevia in weight loss is that, by requiring less sweetener, you add fewer calories in your body. This means that you can include those foods that you like without risk whenever you add a touch of stevia instead of other sweeteners. Just remember that making changes for healthier options does not mean you can eat desserts unlimitedly. It means that the same portions will bring you fewer calories and carbohydrates. The fact that stevia contributes less carbohydrates also gives you the opportunity to prepare desserts that your children like safely. In this case, it is also important that you remember to teach them about the right portions and make the right choices in their food.

Control Diabetes

Stevia’s participation in weight loss also helps fight or control diabetes. This sweetener has the characteristic of regulating blood sugar levels. If you have problems with diabetes or prediabetes, stevia will help you avoid complications. The main difference between stevia and normal sugar is that the former has elements that are not absorbed by the bloodstream, so there are no glucose peaks. For this effect to be maintained, it is important that you choose the natural stevia or the one that is poorly processed.  And you, do you use stevia or do you still have natural sugar? What do you like more?

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