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How to Take Care of your Hair Health from Within?

We have always heard that eating a healthy diet is good for the proper functioning of our body and hair health. It is also essential to show perfect and healthy skin, and of course, for strong, healthy and shiny hair. In other words, a hair that lifts passions and envies and with which we can make the hairstyles of our dreams. In this post, we detail the necessary foods to show off amazing hair and prevent dryness, frizz and weakness of our hair.

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Foods to Show Healthy and Strong Hair:

In order to understand why we should take certain foods? First it is necessary to know the composition of our hair and what do you need to be healthy and shiny? Our hair is composed of: minerals such as magnesium, silicon or copper, and keratin protein. The nutrients that are needed to promote and achieve good health in the hair are: proteins such as collagen, minerals, essential amino acids and vitamins such as biotin or vitamin C. As for vitamins, the last mentioned are two of the most prominent and necessary. It is also important to mention: iron, omega 3, zinc or copper. Now, perhaps so far some questions arise; How can you eat all this? Is it very complicated? Should another diet be done separately? Before panicking, read on and you will see that it is very easy. These foods are very common in any Mediterranean diet, in addition you can know below the new superfoods that contain several of these nutrients necessary for the good condition of our hair.

Vitamin A to Prevent Hair Loss and Improve Hair Health:

If your problem is in hair loss it is because your sebaceous glands are drier than usual and form a kind of “plug.” In this case, we recommend Vitamin A, which has the function of lubricating the hair follicle and eliminating the obstruction caused by dryness. Foods rich in this type of vitamin (A) are: eggs, liver, vegetables and sunflower oils as well as our star product, essential in the Mediterranean diet, olive oil. For now it’s easy, right? Well, we continue with other vitamins, now we have those of group B.

Vitamin B for Hydrated Hair Health:

This type of vitamin is found in fish, in chicken, eggs, legumes, beef and pork, in brewer’s yeast and whole grains and in Quinoa, now so fashionable in diets. Quinoa, considered as a cereal, is more than just a cereal since it also provides proteins and vitamins that the other products do not have on their own, such as iron, calcium and phosphorus. Well, at this point, we already have more hydrated hair.

Stronger Hair Health with Vitamin C:

Vitamin C is very well known for avoiding colds, and we find it in citrus fruits, such as: orange, lemon, kiwi and spinach.

“The echinacea is also used to prevent colds and is prescribed by some specialists to avoid epithelial diseases”.

It can also promote the health of hair and scalp. But, What does avoiding a cold with our hair have to do? Don’t worry, we explain it to you. This type of food, or rather, superfoods, directly affects the synthesis of collagen, which forms the hair and in turn helps iron to absorb better. Iron is essential for hair to grow healthy and especially strong. Iron ore is essential for the scalp and pigment of our hair to be oxygenated. Iron-rich products are nuts, spinach and red meat. Seafood copper also helps us to melanin our hair. Women are more likely to have anemia or lack of iron. Therefore, if you are a woman, you must take note. Also, folic acid, omega 3 and magnesium, three essential components so that our hair is strong and shiny. Among the foods that contain several of these important nutrients are: our wonderful olive oil, cereals, nuts, wheat, basil, almonds and sage. But the superfood that contains all these properties is Chia, as it provides Omega 3 fatty acids, calcium, antioxidants, vitamins, and a long list of properties.

It can also be used in any type of food. What do you expect to try it? And of course, you cannot forget about liquids, keeping your body hydrated also makes your hair also hydrated and strong. Do not forget to consume two pieces of fruits daily, which provide you with vitamins and also hydration.

Foods to Avoid:

We have to start forgetting foods with excess saturated fats, hydrogenated fats and fried foods. Opt for grilled foods and olive oil, if possible raw. These high-fat products raise testosterone levels, which can cause our hair follicles to shrink and this causes our hair to grow weaker and much thinner. We also recommend that you avoid carbohydrates that have a very high glycemic index, that is, that does not have fast sugars, such as white sugar, brown sugar; these can be replaced by Stevia, a natural sweetener. Nor should it be consumed in excess, white bread or non-whole wheat pasta. Although occasionally, the occasional whim is allowed. The main reason for these suggestions is to avoid excessive consumption of these foods, because it creates cellular inflammation and favors our hair and our body. Avoid diets that do not provide vitamin B12 or low iron and try to leave stress aside. Do sports and remember to wash your hair whenever you do, your scalp will thank you and those around you, too.

Avoid caffeine, soda and sugary drinks and excess chocolate. We do not ask you to eliminate it completely, we know that it is hard, but what we ask is that you reduce it to the maximum. Another important tip is to sleep and rest the eight hours your body needs. You already have all the keys to take care of your hair from the inside and remember, if you are healthy or healthy inside, your hair will be on the outside, you will notice it and others too.


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